Monday, August 31, 2015

Powder Blue Helmets to be worn vs Vanderbilt on September 26

Ole Miss AD Ross Bjork announced today that the powder blue helmets would be making their expected return this year vs Vanderbilt on September 26th.  The powder blue helmets returned last year vs Memphis for the first time since their decommission after the 1994 season.  Bjork said earlier this offseason, in an interview with Head to Head Radio,  that the powder blue helmets would be returning sometime this season, so today's announcement was not unexpected.

The game vs Vanderbilt will also serve as the Rebels' Mike Slive/ Prostate Cancer Awareness game.  The official color of prostate cancer awareness is light blue, so it may not be much of a coincidence that this is the game that the powder blues will return.

Though some fans aren't fans of the powder blues, most (including myself, a Mississippi State fan) like seeing them once a year, and some even go so far as to say that they should return full time.

Expect the helmet to be worn with the red jerseys and gray pants, as it was last year.  Though it was worn in the past with navy and white jerseys, it really pops with the red and it's hard to see them moving away from that combination.