Monday, January 4, 2016

2015 Ole Miss Football Uniforms Season Review

In their very successful 2015 campaign, the Rebels started off the season with some uniform experimentation but by the end of the season had settled down back to their traditional looks.  In 2014, the Rebels wore a school record 8 different combos.  In 2015, it appeared that they were going to break that record.  They wore different combos in each of the first six weeks, and by their ninth game had tied the record of 8 different combos.  However, the Rebels had settled down by that point (they wore gray pants in their last 8 and 10 of their last 11 games) and ended the season with only eight combos.

Before the season, the Rebels made a couple of small changes to their uniform lineup.  The SEC patches on the red and white (with red) jerseys were changed from navy to red, rendering all four of the Rebels' jerseys completely two-color.  Additionally, the Rebel's plain white pants were replaced by pants with a double-red stripe.  Said pants were worn in the season opener and then never seen again.  The only other significant uniform change for the Rebels this year was the increased use of the powder blue helmet.  Brought back last year for the first time in decades, it was worn four times this year and used in two different combinations.

Game by Game Breakdown:

Week 1: UT Martin- Navy/Red/White.  Debut (and only appearance) of new white pants.
Week 2: Fresno State- Navy/Navy/Navy.  Annual all navy game.
Week 3: at Alabama- Powder/RWhite/Gray. 2015 debut of powder blues.  First time in this combo in 21 years.
Week 4: Vanderbilt- Powder/Red/Gray.  Scheduled powder blue game.
Week 5: at Florida- Navy/NWhite/Navy. Only game in white with navy jerseys.
Week 6: New Mexico State- Navy/Navy/Gray.  6th combo in 6 games.
Week 7: at Memphis- Powder/RWhite/Gray.  First repeat combo.
Week 8: Texas A&M- Navy/Red/Gray.  First appearance of traditional combo.
Week 9: at Auburn- Navy/RWhite/Gray.  Tied record of 8 combos.
Week 10- Arkansas- Navy/Navy/Gray.  Second repeat combo.
Week 12- LSU- Third repeat combo.
Week 13- Mississippi State- Navy/RWhite/Gray- Fourth repeat combo.
Sugar Bowl- vs Oklahoma State- Powder/Red/Gray- Classic combo for Sugar Bowl return.  Fifth repeat combo.



Navy: 9 games.  7-2 Record
Powder Blue: 4 games.  3-1 Record


Red: 5 games.  5-0 Record
Navy: 3 games.  2-1 Record
White with Red: 4 games.  3-1 Record
White with Navy: 1 games.  0-1 Record


Gray: 10 games.  8-2 Record
Navy: 2 games.  1-1 Record
White: 1 game.  1-0 Record


Powder/Red/Gray: 2 games.  2-0 Record
Navy/Red/Gray: 2 games.  2-0 Record
Navy/RWhite/Gray: 2 games.  2-0 Record
Navy/Navy/Gray: 2 games.  1-1 Record
Powder/RWhite/Gray: 2 games.  1-1 Record
Navy/Red/White: 1 game.  1-0 Record
Navy/Navy/Navy: 1 game.  1-0 Record
Navy/NWhite/Navy: 1 game.  0-1 Record

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